Fissure Sealing

Fissure sealants

Fissure sealants — preventive treatment applied in children`s practice and helps to protect teeth from decay (Dental sealant, Wikipedia).

Dental fissure – is an anatomical (natural) deep cleft in enamel. As fissures in most cases have narrow structure, in there accumulate tiny bites of food leftovers, which over time increase risk of caries.

It is important to remember that in children the process of caries develops much faster than in adults. That is why the procedure is recommended to be carried out immediately, as soon as the adult molar teeth come through. Mainly this is the age of 6-7 years.

Thorough oral hygiene with a properly selected toothbrush and toothpaste can prevent tooth decay. However, in most cases, children (even with adults help) do not always clean the fissures of the teeth thoroughly.

To solve this problem at the initial stage and prevent caries, children’s dentists recommend sealing fissures of molar teeth.

Анна Наумова, детский врач-стоматолог

Pediatric dentist

Anna Naumova

Membership: Ukrainian Dental Association, Ukrainian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. International dental congresses participant. Work experience: 20 years.

Who should undergo the dental sealant procedure

  • erupted permanent, molar teeth in children with the so-called “complex” narrow fissures;
  • at high risk of caries development in children;
  • lack of child`s motivation and skills of to brush teeth properly


  • inability to fully isolate the tooth;
  • the presence of a caries cavity in the tooth. In this case, this is not a fissure seal, but a treatment for caries.

How is the procedure performed? Main stages

  • first of all, professional oral hygiene is carried out
  • tooth isolation from saliva (cofferdam)
  • treatment with antiseptic solution
  • fissures treatment with special gel
  • applying the sealant into the fissures
  • polymerization of the sealant with a photopolymerization lamp
  • grinding (if necessary)
  • final polishing

For sealing fissures at Н-Сlinic special material is used — sealant UltraSeal XT hydro. This is a type of filling photopolymer material with a thixotropic effect. It penetrates into all deep and narrow fissures and releases fluoride ions, which helps to strengthen enamel and additional prevention of caries.

Important! Fissure sealing is possible only in a healthy tooth!

The fissure sealing procedure is completely painless!

Fissure Sealing Cost

Fissure sealing (1 tooth): 700 UAH.

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