Price list

Cost of basic services


Initial examination, consultation: 300 UAH

Included in price:

  • orthopantomogram (X-Ray examination)
  • examination by intraoral camera
  • dentist`s recommendations.

Dental hygiene

Dental hygiene: 800-2000 UAH

Dental therapist

Tooth restoration: from 850 UAH to 1650 UAH

Root canal treatment (one root canal): from 1200 UAH to 1600 UAH


Initial examination, consultation: 300 UAH

Tooth crown temporary: 1000 UAH

Tooth crown ceramic (zirconium oxide): 7000 UAH / 10000 UAH

Veneer (E-max): 7000 UAH / 10000 UAH

Dental surgeon

Initial examination, consultation: 300 UAH

Anesthesia: 250 UAH

Tooth removal: from 1500 UAH to 4500 UAH

Transplantation of soft tissues of oral cavity: from 10000 UAH

Medication sleep treatment (1 hour): 3500 UAH

Tooth implant (Straumann®):

  • Neodent, Straumann group: 9600 UAH
  • Neodent Active, Straumann group: 10850 UAH
  • Straumann Roxolid SL, BLT: 16000 UAH
  • Straumann Roxolid SLActive: 19000 UAH
  • Straumann Roxolid SLActive BLX: 21600 UAH


Initial examination, consultation: 300 UAH

Orthodontic apparatus (braces): from 2750 UAH to 4800 UAH

Metal bracket-system Gemini 3M (one jaw): 8000 UAH

Ceramic bracket-system Ovation C Dentsply (one jaw): 12700 UAH

Ceramic bracket-system Ovation Clarity Advanced 3M (one jaw): 14800 UAH

Self-ligating bracket-system (one jaw): from 15500 UAH to 19000 UAH

Children dentistry

Initial examination, consultation, choice of oral hygiene devices: 300 UAH

Professional oral hygiene for children: from 355 UAH to 500 UAH

Caries treatment for children: from 525 UAH to 895 UAH

Root canal treatment: from 375 UAH to 500 UAH

Computer anesthesia (STA): 300 UAH


Initial examination, consultation: 350 UAH

Logopedic lesson: 400 UAH

Package (10 lessons): 3500 UAH


Conversation with a child in form of a game (60-90 minutes) and parent consultation: 800 UAH

Further sessions: 600 UAH