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Hygiene of the oral cavity

You probably know that it’s easier to prevent the problem than to eliminate its consequences. It is easier and more pleasant (and cost significantly less) to go to the dentist every six months for dental prophylaxis, instead of installing a dental implant instead of a removed tooth (or even a few teeth).

Let’s move on to numbers

Replacing even one tooth on a high quality dental implant will cost approx. at 25000 UAH. Visiting the dentist for a review and procedures for professional oral hygiene will cost approx. 1500 UAH (or 3000 UAH per year).

What is the result?

3000 UAH a year for creating conditions for maintaining healthy teeth or 25000 UAH for an implant (one tooth).

So, are you for a dental implant or for the preservation of your teeth?

To save the teeth will help high-quality hygiene of the mouth cavity. The health of your teeth depends on it. Regular visits (namely, once every 6 months) will help keep your teeth and gums healthy.

During prophylaxis, dentist-hygienist can see the beginning of changes in teeth or gums:

  • carious cavities of different depths
  • redness / inflammation of the gums
  • violation of the integrity of restoration
  • inflammation of the interdental papillae

Also, attending a hygienist can prevent (or identify causes) problems such as:

  • bad breath (gallitis)
  • the appearance of carious defects
  • the formation of a dental stone

You will see the difference «before and after» hygiene!

Why is skilled hygienist so important?

He not only correctly performs the procedure of hygiene of the oral cavity, but also selects appropriately, in your particular case, a toothpaste, suitable toothbrush, if necessary, toothpicks and dental floss. Teach how to use them correctly.

The hygiene procedure includes:

  • the removal of a soft plaque
  • removal of superficial dental tartar
  • removal of pigmentation of enamel
  • polishing of the enamel surface

The time spent in the dentist’s hygiene chair depends on your dental care at home and the regular visits to the doctor for check-ups. Basically it is 45-60 minutes, which is not much, in comparison with the received effect.

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3 important things in hygiene of the oral cavity

Polishing of the tooth surface

The more thoroughly polished surface of the tooth enamel, the longer the feeling of a smooth surface of the teeth and less retention points for the accumulation of plaque and microorganisms.

Materials and tools

For oral hygiene, we use the materials and tools of world leaders: KaVo, Hu-Friedy, LM, EMS. These brands are designed to provide maximum performance in the hands of professionals.

Professional hygiene

We use one of the most advanced professional hygiene techniques – Air Flow. For each patient we select an individual program of dispensary examinations.