Dental Treatment Insurance

We provide dental treatment to patients who have health insurance.

How can you use insurance for dental treatment?

  1. Make sure that your insurance policy covers the necessary dental treatment. Ideally, you should agree with your insurance company on the dentist’s appointment, coverage limit, and reimbursable medical services. Even if you have a severe toothache and want the insurance company to reimburse your costs, we advise you to contact the insurance company before visiting the dental clinic and agree on the terms of such treatment.
  2. Make an appointment with the required doctor at our clinic. Notify the administrator or doctor just before the appointment that you have a health insurance policy and what documents you will need to transfer them to the insurance company.
  3. Get treatment with us and pay for it in a convenient way for you: payment, card, bank account, Privat24.
  4. We will prepare the documents necessary for obtaining insurance compensation within one working day. With them, you will be able to contact your insurance company and you will have the opportunity to receive compensation for costs.

Frequently asked questions from patients who have medical insurance

How quickly will we prepare the necessary documents for their transfer by the patient to the insurance company?

After the completion of dental treatment and full payment for the services rendered, we will prepare a package of documents within one working day.

Will my insurance company reimburse my treatment?

We cannot guarantee payment by the insurance company for the treatment of the dental clinic. Therefore, we always recommend that our patients first coordinate such treatment with their insurance company. For our part, we will prepare a complete package of necessary documents: a license to conduct medical practice, an extract from the state register of individual entrepreneurs, settlement documents, an act of performed services. On the patient’s request, the list of documents can be updated.

What insurance companies does H-Clinic cooperate with?

We are not limited to direct contracts with any insurance companies. The package of documents that we issue after the end of the patient’s treatment can be provided to any insurance company for claims for compensation of treatment costs.

Make an appointment with a dentist

    3 important things in the treatment of insurance

    Check the insurance policy

    Make sure you have the coverage of the necessary dental treatment in your insurance policy.

    Agree on treatment

    Make an appointment with us. Please note that you have a health insurance policy and you need documents to reimburse the cost of treatment by the insurance company.

    Get documents

    We will prepare the necessary documents to obtain reimbursement for treatment. Contact your reimbursement insurance company with them.