Pediatric dentistry

Most parents do not consider important to treat baby teeth and do not visit a dentist until their children have permanent teeth.

It takes 12-13 years from the eruption of the teeth and until they are changed to the permanent ones. During this period, the child develops a full-fledged jaw and the formation of the correct bite depends on the health of the teeth.

In addition, it is worth to remember the problems that can be caused by diseases of temporary teeth:

  • Due to the disease of the temporary tooth, the rudiment of the permanent tooth may be damaged.
  • The presence of infection in the oral cavity can cause the diseases of the internal organs
  • Having lost a temporary tooth, it is more difficult to chew the food, as a result it can suffer the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Temporary teeth take part in the speech. If the tooth is “unplanned” lost, the child may have problems with diction, may suffer social adaptation.
  • The neighboring one may move to the place of the lost temporary tooth. As a result, permanent teeth can break through with deviations.

Adaptive visits, hygiene lessons and the right choice of oral care products will give a child a foundation of healthy teeth in the future!

Basic services of a pediatric dentist

  • Adaptation of the child to preventive visits to the dentist
  • Hygiene lessons
  • Correction of the children’s teeth
  • Treatment of children’s caries
  • Treatment of pulpitis
  • Periodontal treatment
  • Professional hygiene of the oral cavity
  • Restoration of temporary teeth
  • Treatment of channels (endodontics)
  • Removal of temporary teeth
  • Dental sealant (caries prevention)

When the child’s dentist help is needed

  • Wrong posture (wrong bite)
  • Pain in the tooth from sour / sweet, cold / hot
  • Pain in the tooth when pressing/bite
  • Carious lesions of the teeth
  • Defects in enamel
  • Chipping tooth (chipped enamel)
  • Injury tooth
  • Teaching proper teeth cleaning techniques

Children dentistry services cost

  • Initial examination, consultation, choice of individual oral hygiene devices: 300 UAH
  • Professional oral hygiene for children: from 355 UAH to 500 UAH
  • Caries treatment for children: from 525 UAH to 895 UAH
  • Root canal treatment: from 375 UAH to 500 UAH
  • Computer anesthesia (STA): 300 UAH

Appointment with the doctor

3 important things in pediatric dentistry

Approach to the child

Adaptive visits, hygiene lessons and a non standard approach of a pediatric dentist will influence children attitude to the teeth treatment and prophilaxis in the future.

Computer anesthesia STA

STA is an innovative alternative to a traditional local anesthesia which is absolutely painless, qualitative and precise method of painkilling. Quantity and the location of injection is determined by a computer individually taking into account the peculiarities of a little organism.

Teeth treatment while sleeping

It is one of the safest methods, which allows kids to avoid stress caused by dental procedures especially if a negative experience took place. The cooperation of a pediatric dentist, anesthesiologist and parents allows you to quickly and effectively make your baby smile beautiful and healthy.