Pediatric dentistry

Most parents do not consider important to treat baby teeth and do not visit a dentist until their children have permanent teeth.

Adaptive visits, hygiene lessons and right choice of mouth care remedies will guarantee children oral health in the future.

Appointment with the doctor

3 critical things

Approach to the child

Adaptive visits, hygiene lessons and a non standard approach of a pediatric dentist will influence children attitude to the teeth treatment and prophilaxis in the future.

Computer anesthesia STA

STA is an innovative alternative to a traditional local anesthesia which is absolutely painless, qualitative and precise method of painkilling. Quantity and the location of injection is determined by a computer individually taking into account the peculiarities of a little organism.

Teeth treatment while sleeping

It is one of the safest methods, which allows kids to avoid stress caused by dental procedures especially if a negative experience took place. We cooperate with well known medical centers and accompany a patient during treatment.