Ignoring the hygiene and the proper care of your oral cavity can cause the diseases of the surrounding and supporting tissues (periodont).

Even small gingival sulcus and gingival bleeding or bad breath in the mouth have to become a serious reason to visit a periodontist.

Basic services of the periodontologist

You need the help of periodontologist if there is:

  • Bad breath
  • Teeth mobility
  • Purulent discharge of gum
  • Visible changes in the dentition
  • The presence of a dental calculus
  • The presence of pigmentation of the teeth

Periodontist basic services cost:

  • Initial examination, consultation: 300 UAH
  • Periodontal chart filling: from 700 UAH to 1500 UAH
  • Professional hygiene: from 800 UAH to 2400 UAH
  • SRP-scaling (removal of subgingival tartar, root surface polishing): 8000 UAH

Appointment with the doctor

3 critical things

Pa-on diagnosing of the periodontal diseases

Periodontal sounding PA-ON allows a specialist to define a threat of periodontitis at early stages during some minutes and prescribe the suitable treatment.

Periodontal form

Filling periodontal form can demonstrate the treatment effectiveness and allows a patient to observe a real condition of periodontic tissues.

Professional hygiene and examination

In our work we use one of the most up-to-date dental hygiene technique for keeping periodont healthy — Air Flow. For each patient we select an individual program of dispensary examinations.