Dental guarantee policy

The duration of the guarantee for the provided medical (dental services) is determined in each individual case by the attending dentist, depending on the case and the volume of the provided service. The warranty period for medical (dental services) cannot be less than 3 (three) months and cannot exceed 3 (three) years.

Approximate guarantee periods operating in the medical center are established in each individual case and determined by the dentist, taking into account the patient’s state of health and his attendance for follow-up examinations:

Dental restoration guarantee

  • photopolymer restoration — 3 years
  • filling of a milk tooth (photopolymer) — 1 year
  • filling of a milk tooth (glass ionomer) — 6 months

Dental prosthetics guarantee

  • metal-ceramic crown — 3 years
  • zirconium dioxide crown — 3 years
  • a crown for a temporary tooth — 2 years.

Dental implants guarantee

Implant guarantee — 1 year from the date of installation.

All defects and other shortcomings in the work performed (services rendereded) discovered by the patient and confirmed with us during the guarantee period are eliminated by us free of charge within the period agreed by the parties.

Patients’ claims regarding defects in the work performed (services rendered) can be brought forward during the guarantee period, provided that the patient has followed the doctor’s recommendations and the terms of the bilateral agreement.

Guarantee procedure

If the patient discovers defects in the quality of the service that could not be identified before the completion of the treatment, the patient has the right to file a corresponding claim with the contractor during the guarantee period (period).

The patient must reason the claim and attend an appointment at the medical center to consider and make a decision on the stated claim. In this case, after the receipt of the claim, the attending dentist conducts a preliminary examination and diagnostics of the patient, then establishes the possibility of applying a guarantee, or the need to gather a medical consil to consider the essence of the claim about the quality of medical care.

The claim is considered within a period not exceeding one calendar month, and if it is necessary to gather a medical council or conduct an examination, the period for considering the claim continues, a message is sent to the party about the extension of the period for considering the claim in connection with a complete clarification of all the circumstances, etc.

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