Sleep dentistry

Medication Sleep. Sedation

One can hear those phrases from people scared of dental treatment. The terms are not novelties but real necessity.

What is medication sleep?

Medication sleep is bringing patient to the condition of light sleep with the help of medications, which is provided and controlled by doctor-anesthetist.

When is sleep dentistry required?

For adults:

  • anxiety, dental treatment fear
  • complex treatments (multiple caries and its complications)
  • soft tissues surgery in the oral cavity, implants
  • time factor. If patient doesn’t have time for scheduled treatment of one tooth per visit

For kids:

  • young age of the patient
  • if there are many teeth affected by caries and its complexities
  • child`s fears, uncontrolled behavior during dental intrusions
  • non-contact child
  • inability to perform dental procedures under local anesthesia
  • organic diseases of the central nervous system (if child not able to evaluate reality adequately)
  • allergic reactions to local anesthetics

How safe is anesthesia in dental procedures?

Preliminary examination and consultation required. They are performed by a dentist and anesthetist — this minimizes risks.

Appointment with the doctor

3 important things about dental sleep treatment


Compliance of a medical clinic with standards. The qualifications of medical personnel should ensure safe and comfortable treatment for patients. License from the Ministry of Health for the right to provide anesthesiology services is obligatory!

Dentist and anesthetist team

Teamwork and mutual understanding of dentist-anesthetist is very important for fast and effective treatment.

Following recommendations

Following all doctor`s recommendations before and after treatment. Responsible attitude of the patient to all these recommendations is the key to a healthy and beautiful smile.