Speech therapist

Finding mechanisms of speech pathology and correction of any speech defects are absolutely individual for kids and adults as well and only a speech pathologist can define the way of correction speech disorders.

Speech therapist exercises also help to develop memory, attention, thinking.

Logopedist services cost

  • Initial examination, consultation: 350 UAH
  • Logopedic lesson: 400 UAH
  • Package (10 lessons): 3500 UAH

Appointment with the doctor

3 critical things

Diagnostics and treatment of speech disorders

Finding the reasons of disorders is the main thing for correct treatment. Speech therapist chooses the most effective methods and tools for treating speech disorders.

Speech therapy massage

This method includes a special massage of a tongue, a cheek, lips, cheekbones, palate with a set of catheters. The task of the massage is to normalize speech motility i.e pronunciation.

Complex approach

With complex exercises restoration of the language skills, making children more socially adaptive create a basis for further development of a kid.