Taking care of your teeth and mouth

Taking care of your teeth and mouth

How to keep healthy your teeth and mouth?

Medical research in stomatology proves that 99% of dental problems cause poor oral hygiene. For example, in Switzerland, caries is very rare among dental clinics patients. And that is not because of ecology, nutrition or unique heredity. The matter is that the Swiss at least three times a year undergo professional oral hygiene and start teeth care with the first tooth appearance.

Diseases, as caries and periodontitis occur due to the accumulation of microorganisms in the periodontium or tooth enamel.

How bacteria destroy the strongest tissue in the body

As for caries, it also occurs through a microbial plaque. Enamel is one of the strongest tissues in the body by mineral composition, consisting of 97% of mineral substances, and its strength can last for at least 60 years.

Regarding constant temperature, humidity and food leftovers (especially light carbohydrates) in oral cavity — there are ideal conditions for development of anaerobic and aerobic pathogenic microflora.

Add to these uneven teeth alignment, crowding of teeth, poorly polished restoration surfaces, chipped  enamel, orthodontic bracketing systems, uneven edges of tooth crowns and bridges — and we get many places where tooth brush cannot get in.

Also, growth of bacteria leads to overconsumption of soft mashed food with high content of proteins and carbohydrates much liked by bacteria, which causes caries — Streptococcus mutans.

Streptococcus mutans intensively multiplies inside oral cavity. If one ignores everyday oral hygiene, it can be transmitted by contact from parents to children and other family members. Thus it is highly important to treat tooth decay and its complications on time.

5 Signs You May Need Professional Oral Care

To visit dental clinic H-Clinic for professional oral care procedure is necessary, if:

  1. You regularly drink black tea and coffee from 2 cups daily. Substances contained in drinks may color enamel in dark and worsen smile esthetics.
  2. You smoke. The nicotine gums that are present in the tobacco, penetrating deep into the interior, color the enamel in a yellowish brown color, which ordinary toothpastes do not remove.
  3. Tartar ruins your smile and causes clusters of food parts.
  4. You notice unpleasant odor from your mouth (halitosis). On check-up dentist will find out the reason of bad odor.
  5. You have enamel cracks and roughness. Caused by fondness of sunflower seeds biting, regular substantial temperature changes (hot/cold food), teeth surface can get pocked and cracked.

care of your teeth

Children’s Oral Health Basics

It is a mistake to think that only adults need professional hygiene. You should care of oral cavity from your baby’s first teeth. Special hygienic means (napkins, children brushes) remove plaque and teach a child to feel clean.

Parents should keep in mind! Children with their love for sweets, soda drinks with colorants, negligence to brushing teeth twice a day – are in risk zone.

During check-up visit to H-Clinic dentists help for your child to choose items for daily care, recommend toothbrushes, floss, irrigators, rinses — safe and effective.

How to keep teeth and gums healthy

When visiting professional oral hygiene procedure at H-Clinic, you will get:

  • removal of soft plague by mechanic, ultrasound methods
  • removal of above or under the gum line tartar
  • removal of enamel pigmentation by professional toothpastes
  • polishing of enamel surface
  • flossing
  • choosing of individual oral care products
  • guidance on teeth brushing techniques.

The procedure is painless and lasts from 40 to 60 minutes.

As to the pricing, preventive teeth and oral brushing costs 3000 (includes 2 procedures at 1500 UAH every 6 months). It is by 1,5 times cheaper for one ceramic-metal crown and more than three times cheaper even one implant placement (implant placement cost is over 10 000 UAH).

For keeping health of teeth and gums the procedure should 2-3 times a year. Visits amount is decided by dentist, depending on patient’s age, lifestyle, nutrition habits, individual speed of bacterial plague and tartar forming.

Right after the procedure patient receives:

  • fresh breath
  • dental enamel 1-1,5 tones lighter. Sometimes professional care is enough to remove tobacco or coffee stains and get healthy smile
  • smooth enamel surface. While cleaning tartar is removed and enamel surface is polished.

To have healthy shining smile is easy — you should regularly care of your teeth and  take professional cleaning hygiene 2 times a year, and follow dentist`s recommendations about care at home.